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El Khatib: It Is a Historic Ceremony

Mahmoud El Khatib, Tenth Star, Football

Mahmoud El Khatib, Al Ahly president, gave an emotional speech in the Tenth Star Celebration, which was held tonight at El Tetsh Stadium. 

"We are here at El Tetsh Stadium. This great stadium that was named after one of the pioneers of the club, Mokhtar El Tetsh. I want to salute his soul and thank his family for being here with us tonight."

"It is a happy day. It is a historic day. I can not find the words to thank God for all what we have achieved. I would like to thank all the players that contributed to achieving the ten stars."

"I would like to thank all the previous board members who led the club to achieve great successes over the years. The first star was added in 1982 in Saleh Selim's era. Also, we added more and more titles in Hassan Hamdy's era."

"This generation of players proved that they have a strong character and a special spirit. Despite all the difficult circumstances, they stepped up to the mission and achieved many titles. They are cementing their legacy at the club and they are doing great things that the fans will remember forever."

"Also, I would like to thank the team's coaching staff, administrative staff, and everyone working with the team. We are united behind one goal, which is raising the club's flag."

"In the journey to achieve the tenth star, we have visited many countries and I would like to thank our embassies in these countries who helped us a lot and eased our mission."

"I want to thank Al Ahly fans everywhere. Our loyal and passionate fans are always behind the team. I wish that we had our fans here to celebrate with us, but we couldn't because of the preventive measures to combat COVID-19."

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