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Wafaay on His Visit to Juventus

Sayed Abdelhafiz, Ahmed Abu Abla, Football

Mohamed Wafaay, Al Ahly’s physiotherapist, paid a visit to Juventus headquarters in Turin to follow up on the latest developments in the field of injury management and to watch closely how the medical staff takes care of the stars of the Italian giants.

Dr. Wafaay gave a detailed report on the methods they follow at Juventus to reduce injury time and the cutting-edge technology used for recovery and rehabilitation.

We met our physiotherapist to know what he has experienced during his visit.

“The club’s director for international affairs welcomed me at the club and took me on a tour around the club’s hospital. They have a big hospital with several departments to deal with different kinds of injuries.”

“I spent four days with Juventus B and three days with the first team. I met Dr. Nikos Tzouroudis, the team’s doctor, who briefed me on the system that they follow and how they deal with injuries.”

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