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Al Ahly to Establish Three New Companies within its 2050 Vision


Al Ahly board on Wednesday discussed proposals from the club’s President, Captain Mahmoud El Khatib, within the Al Ahly Vision 2050, with the aim of coping with the rapid developments in the sports industry, locally and globally, in the managerial, institutional, investment, construction, marketing, and services aspects. The plan involves creating new sources of income and capitalizing on the club’s financial resources, while continuing to build and develop the club’s teams and various sectors in a way that meets the expectations of the club members.

The club president called upon board members to thoroughly study the vision that he presented, taking into consideration all of the new challenges, in order for Al Ahly to maintain its leading position.

Accordingly, the board decided to implement the vision through two phases, with the first phase including the following:

  1. Establishing Al Ahly Football Company to manage and organize all the club’s professional football activities; academies; local and international competitions; marketing activities, including TV rights, sponsorship rights, merchandise, advertising, transfers, new media sales, sporting programs, etc.; as per the new sports and investment national laws issued in 2017 and the club’s rules and regulations.
  2. Establishing Al Ahly Stadium Company, to build and manage the club’s new Olympic city and stadium, including its various medical, real estate development and investment, commercial and educational services.
  3. Creating a new company specialized in touristic services, under the name, Al Ahly Tourism Services Company, to manage the club’s traveling services for its teams, members, and supporters, including transportation, accommodation, and hospitality services.

In addition, the board decided to create three new committees to monitor the establishment of the aforementioned newly announced companies.

A committee chaired by board member Khaled Mortagy will include board members Tarek Kandil and Mohamed El-Damaty to lay out the vision for Al Ahly Football Company. A committee chaired by secretary of the fund, Khaled El Darandaly, with the membership of board members Mohamed El Garhy and Mohamed Serag will lay out the vision for Al Ahly Stadium Company. A committee will be chaired by board member Ibrahim El Kafrawy, with the membership of board members Rania Elwany, Mohanad Magdy, and Gohar Nabil to lay out the vision for Al Ahly Tourism Services Company.

The three committees will conduct the needed studies and present the findings to the board’s upcoming meeting next December, in order to launch the three companies that will cater to the needs of the club’s members and supporters on all levels.

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